Towing Regulations

To assist you in the correct use of your trailer we recommend that:

Trailer Towing Regulations
  1. You understand what the total weight capacity or GVM of your trailer is. (Printed on information tag attached to drawbar.)
  2. The tow vehicle is capable of towing such a weight. (See vehicle manufacturer’s hand book.)
  3. The load is distributed such that approximately 10% of the total towed mass is on the tow coupling.
  4. A universal length safety chain is attached for your convenience. Please ensure the “D” shackle is attached through a link in the chain, to allow sufficient radius to turn the trailer, yet hold the coupling up off the ground, should the coupling become disengaged from the tow ball of the tow vehicle.
  5. The size of loads should be limited to what can be carried completely within the confines of the trailer.
  6. All loads must be appropriately and properly secured to your trailer.
  7. Tyre inflation is maintained at the correct pressure shown on the information tag attached to the trailer drawbar.

NOTE: If the maximum towed mass exceeds the recommended GVM it may invalidate your warranty and insurance.

DISCLAIMER: Kea Trailers New Zealand Ltd, as the manufacturer, takes no responsibility for incorrect or improper use of its product, which may result in any loss or damage. The use and maintenance of this product is the responsibility of the owner/operator.

For further operating guidelines please refer to NZ Standards 5467 code of practice for light trailers.