Other Accessories

Quality optional extras including heavy duty jockey wheels,trailer brakes, braking systems, canopies, canoe racks, spare tyres, ‘H’ frames, ramps, draw bar boxes and special trailers.

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Quality accessories to complete your Kea Trailer.

Heavy Duty Jockey Wheels

High quality, wind up/down and fold horizontal. Fitted with a solid 9 inch wheel. Available on all road trailers.

Trailer Brakes

Trailers over 2000Kg GVM require brakes by law. We recommend to fit over-ride brakes on any trailer with a GVM over 1500Kg. (Load ratings on 2000Kg Tandems, may be increased to a GVM of 2500Kg on Heavy Duty Braked Tandems upon request)

Braking Systems

Hydraulic Over-ride discs: Suitable for all Kea Trailers with 13 or 14 inch wheels. (The most popular braking system fitted)

Independent 12 Volt Electric: Activate by a trailer mounted controller and stop lights. The trailer will only brake when the stop lights come on and the amount of braking can be adjusted from the controller.

Other Optional Extras and Special Trailers

Kea Trailers can make optional extras such as canopies, canoe racks, ‘H’ frames, ramps, extendable drawbars and special trailers.


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